Update 02-02-2010

HAMANTENNA is a young innovative company that works in the conception of antennas for radio amateur and commercial.
THE BEGINNINGS : Everything has begun when I was looking for portative antennas at an affordable cost for my expeditions.  I couldn't find anything interesting so I decided to make my own antennas and finally, I have decided to offer them on internet.  As one goes along, I modify or add new antennas that I put on my web site.  I hope that those antennas are gonna be as useful for you that they are for me !
WWW : This web site will show you my passion for amateur radio and antennas.

Products :
CN 32 Antenne great for portable, QRZ field day ...
CN32 Horizontal

CN32 Vertical

CN35 great for qrp rig and ft-817
Power Pole Anderson
Bracket for camera tripod



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